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    To provide set-top-box and antennas to market with more 5 million households in the South area and 16 million households in Vietnam and the transmission of 40 channels on K33 and K34 UHF, SDTV always promote to invest in parallel with the maximum utilization of resources, available technical infrastructure in the local radio and television to join the transmission network by cooperating to use infrastructures such as stations, antenna towers, transmitters and human resources.

    SDTV is inherited the experienced and creative management resource and professional techniques from HTV - TMS and Vinh Long Cable company. Moreover, with more skilled dynamic human resources in many different fields, who constantly access and update new knowledge about the new technology world to apply in program manufacturing process and provide broadcasting technical services.

    Hopefully, with dedicated leadership, technical experts with high level of knowledge and the strength of the idea connection, the establishment of Southern Digital Television Company Limited brings some new and positive changes for the broadcast industry, serving residents in Southern region in particular and Vietnam in general.