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    Development strategy

    Development strategy of SDTV is performing key service groups were identified as: 
    1. Transmission Services: Investment establish extensive telecommunications networks, transmission service and broadcast SFN, exploit network infrastructure for the provision of services multimedia communications, radio and television; providing digital receiver set-top-box. Having the best assurance on signal quality, coverage, and sustainability investment creates peace of mind to develop cooperation in the long term with regional Television stations and customer who participate in other channel programs transmission services. SDTV also produce and supply equipment including set-top-box and antenna, provide the market with the purpose of market-oriented about quality and price. Help people easy to access digital terrestrial television.
    2. Service Pay TV: Investing equipment and infrastructure providing digital terrestrial television Single Frequency Network (SFN) on the Southern scope and intention of expanding nationwide.
    3. Consulting - design, supply and installation services: Consulting and Project Management; Investment in the construction of telecommunications, radio and television; engineering design stations, telecommunication stations, radio and television broadcasting in the field of signal transmission.
    4. Program production: Organize and produce programs on television and other media with diverse genres, unique content, new forms and suitable with each target audience.
    5. Event management: Consulting and organizing event with staff working professional, young, dynamic and creative as well as experienced consultants in the event and many different fields such as cultural festivals, art performances, customer conferences ... Besides, SDTV have certain experience in organizing large events, extensive relationships popularity and credibility with the press agencies, media, etc.
    The company is stepping up investments with the maximum utilization of available resources, technical infrastructure in the local Radio and TV stations who participate in the transmission network by using collaborative methods common technical infrastructure such as stations, antenna towers, transmitters and system operation of personnel.